Canada is an important part of our global business. We've operated here for more than 100 years, and have interests in a range of businesses across the country.

Our Canadian facilities form a significant part of Glencore's global business. Our sites span seven provinces and we employ around 7,450 people.

Our assets include nickel, copper, coal and zinc mining operations and projects; agricultural facilities; and a consulting business.

In many of our industries, we explore and source the commodity; produce it; process and refine it; market and blend it; and ultimately handle, store and transport it to customers around the world.

Our breadth, diversity, economies of scale and geographic reach enable us to efficiently connect our products with their end consumers. Along the way, we also manage the price volatility that comes with commodity markets.

Supporting the communities in which we operate is fundamental to our approach. We focus on partnerships and initiatives that fulfil longer-term community requirements, tailoring programs to the unique characteristics and needs of individual communities.

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