CCR refinery

Our copper assets in Canada consist of the Horne Smelter and the Canadian Copper Refinery (CCR), both based in the province of Quebec. These facilities employ more than 1,200 people, and in 2014 contributed $143 million to the local economy.

Operation Assets 2014 Production
Horne Smelter  Custom copper smelter 213,288 tonnes copper anode
Canadian Copper Refinery  Copper refinery and precious metals plant 315,668 tonnes copper cathode


Our Horne Smelter is a custom copper smelter, processing concentrate from the operations of Glencore and third parties. In operation since 1927, it is now the only copper smelter in Canada and plays an important role for the Canadian copper mining industry.

Horne Smelter is one of the few plants in the world that also responsibly recycles end-of-life electronics and other copper bearing materials. Its ability to process a wide range of such feeds is one of its unique features.

The smelter produces anodes containing 99.1% copper. The anodes are shipped to CCR in Montreal to be converted into copper cathodes.

Ongoing capital investments have kept the facility at the cutting edge of technology, with a strong focus on emissions reduction. Horne Smelter has the capacity to process 780,000 tonnes per year of copper bearing material.

The CCR refinery processes copper anodes, which are converted into 99.99% copper cathodes and sold on world markets. It has been in operation since 1931 and is the only copper refinery in Canada. It also has an integrated precious metals refining plant.

The refinery also processes feed known as "anode slimes." CCR products include copper cathodes, gold, silver and other specialty metals and chemicals, including selenium, tellurium dioxide, nickel sulphate and a concentrate of platinum group metals.