We are Canada's grain industry leader, supported by the expertise of our people, a superior network of assets, and unrivaled connections to world markets.

Our commitment to agriculture goes back over 100 years, partnering with farmers to market and move their crops to areas of need around the world.

Our continued focus on operational excellence throughout North America allows us to efficiently handle, process, distribute and transport grains and oilseeds.

We have significant international marketing expertise and knowledge of industry trends and fundamentals. We have strong, long-standing relationships with global customers in diverse geographies in more than 50 countries.

We provide further value to our partners through a wide variety of contracting and risk management tools to help them realize the full potential of their crops.

  • We operate world-class storage and handling facilities with 1.8 million tonnes of storage capacity
  • Actively engaged in the innovation and development of new crop technologies essential to making best use of agricultural resources and meeting projected demand growth.
  • We operate 68 grain elevators, 9 special crop facilities, six port terminals and two oilseed processing plants.

Viterra is part of Glencore Agriculture, a global market leader in originating, handling, processing and marketing agricultural commodities. The company has a significant presence in all principal import and export markets, with operations spanning over 35 countries, including marketing offices in 34 countries.

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